Badness, Lava, and Grime

Badness is one of the few MC’s walking the London streets that intrigues me anymore. Not to say that he’s necessarily a sick emcee, in fact, plenty of hip hop faithful would probably categorize his lyrics as incomprehensible garbage. However, Badness sparks interest more for what you cannot understand than a genuine appreciation of his artistic motivations. For starters, he’s a bad ass, and guilty of talking more shit on that side of the Atlantic than your average British poof. He seems to be completely indifferent to anybody else’s opinion of him, from industry cats to your average chickenhead. For people who appreciate Dancehall, I must say, I have not seen any dancehall DJ’s spit in the manner that Badness does, making his flow extremely unusual. His ability to sift in between dancehall, rap, and grime with ease will ensure a spot on the UK roster of urban artists. However, if he want’s to get paid in greenbacks over here, he’s going to have to stop concerning himself with being baleful, and focus rather on decipherability.


2 thoughts on “Badness, Lava, and Grime

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