Cocaine Correspondence

The truth hurts is an understatement with this one. With a fiery tongue that only a real life bad ass bitch could offer, Dear Coke Talk addresses the real life issues everyday people are dying to get her take on, like: how long after a nose job should you wait before doing coke? How do you know if my vaginal lips are normal looking? What do you think about Miley Cyrus? All very good questions, all answered quasi-truthfully and with painstaking attention to diction, spelling, punctuation and any underlying bullshit the questioner is trying to omit. With only a picture of the great Dolly Parton as the face of what is otherwise complete anonymity, Dear Coke Talk only reveals that she is a woman who lives in LA, who has a regular job, loves cocaine, and “grew up ugly and poor in the dirty south [and is now] cute as a fucking button on the west side of paradise”. Personally I love this unapologetic self-proclaimed “raging bitch”, her advice appears to stem from personal experience, her attention to detail is remarkable and for the most part the solutions she offers her readers seem pretty logical. See for yourself. You be the judge, does Dear Coke Talk speak to you?


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