Rappers the sign this cycle?

Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC is an independent oil and gas company focused, on the exploration, production and development of oil and gas reserves from conventional and unconventional formations. The Company is initially focused on exploration and development properties in Osage County, Oklahoma, as well as in Texas and Louisiana in the United States and in Central America.

Really nothing particurlarly unique or outstanding about Bronald Oil’s mission statement. Apart from the fact that it was conjured up by Ronald and Brian Williams, aka Birdman, and his brother. Yes, the same Birdman that put together Cash Money Records and propagated a bling empire for the past decade. Birdman has been gathering investors and concocting the Bronald Oil & Gas venture virtually out of thin air. No oil tycoon bloodline in the Williams family or anything pragmatic of that sort. But I for one admire the sheer gall of the business endeavor.

Bronald Oil already has its fair share of naysayers and doubters. One such finance geek spewed the following vile about the prospects of Birdman’s endeavor, essentially apocalyptic hogwash.

“Doctors and dentists investing in oil wells was sign of top in 1980s,” the bank said last week in a note to clients. “Rappers the sign this cycle?”

Spoken like a true hater. Why is it that when a black man decides to invest money in a ludicrous manner, he is greeted with not just doubt, but proclamations of how everything in our system has gone totally awry? Racism I tell you, the big R! That and the precedent that Master P set when he established his own sports agency, subsequently, flushing the careers of Ricky Williams and Ron Mercer down the toilet. Either way, I hope Birdman pulls a Beverly Hillbillies and hits some random black geyser.


One thought on “Rappers the sign this cycle?

  1. OIL isn’t a renewable resource. Eventually it will run out. It’ll take years for Birdman’s company to simply break even. A silly investment if you ask me. The comment may not be racist but definitely is said with bias (and a hint of jealousy) towards our generation of new-money entrepreneurs. I don’t like Cash Money’s music. I DO like Birdman’s spunk. But he probably should’ve spent some money on an Adviser first and looked into Green Energy instead.

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