Ballin’ Chain: Lil Flip

Alright, admittedly not one of my favorite rappers here (not even the best “Lil” rapper)…but one of my favorite chains for sure.  I gotta tip my New Era to this one strictly for the links.  Those shits are hot.  Not too many of the chains we come across have icy links with multi-colored diamonds in them.  I’d take one of the links off this bitch (I would immediately sell it to pay some bills, but…)  Lil Flip got creative with this one, each Lil link a crown of colored diamonds.

Apparently, appearing in over 1,000 mixtapes (Flip claims) has been ridiculously profitable.  I’m all about the fact that this chain is like 20 chains in one.  Most dudes couldn’t even rock a link from this one.  Maybe a Glengarry, Glen Ross remake with Lil Flip playing the Alec Baldwin role? (“You see this link?  This link costs more than your car”)

Whether or not Flip deserves to wear that many crowns around his neck (let alone one) is debatable.  But who says I can’t hate on “the Freestyle King” and praise his chain in the same post?  (We have currently discovered no correlation between chain fly-ness and rapping ability, but the studies are pending)

I remember a debate Jake (also with ZIF) had with a former friend of ours back when we were both living in the dirty-Dot, aka Toronto.  The other dude claimed that Lil Flip was better than T.I.  This debate occurred in the peak period of “Game Over” popularity, but it was still an inexcusable claim by our former friend.  Jake was not hearing it and neither was I.  Though the “Game Over” video was tight, perfectly timed also, to coincide with the insane popularity of Halo for Xbox, and Lil Flip has acted in The Wire and The Sopranos (WTF???), he ain’t better than the real king, T.I.

That argument was obviously outrageous, especially given that T.I. has blown the fuck up, but no arguments here about this chain.   It’s the pot o’ gold (and diamonds) at the end of “The Leprechaun’s” rainbow.


One thought on “Ballin’ Chain: Lil Flip

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