Pat Stay is KOTD, proves it in GBOAT (greatest battle of all time)

Battle raps are a dime a dozen. Literally, you get about a dime every dozen times you battle. It’s bad pay, and any marketing one receives is bitter-sweet. For example, most of us know of Jin (well, some of us, maybe), one of the greatest battle mc’s of all time, and one of the biggest flops in music major history (sorry Ruff Ryders, it’s true). And if you check out Pat Stay’s home page, it’s fair to say that Jin never had it that bad.

I’m calling Pat Steezy the “King of The Dot” here, so I’m going to throw my research disclaimer out there. Patty boy, what is up with these pics of you and your girl or two girls? Either way, fire your manager and stop letting your girlfriend convince you she should have her picture up with you on the site. Not a good look, that is on some “Learn Chinese” shit, L-A-M-E.


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