America’s Savior

How to Make it In America is a pretentious new program on HBO that couldn’t be more obviously contrived.  If dry-heaving is your thing (the Zebra doesn’t judge alternative lifestyles) you should definitely peep the spoiled and poorly-written  pricks on this show. However, as embarrassing as the show is to watch,  the first thirty + seconds are indeed worth scoping because these precious seconds feature Aloe Blacc’s “I Need a Dollar” as the show’s theme song. Aloe is a multi-talented contributor to Stones Throw Records as well as a proud Trojan and perhaps an even more proud Bruin-hater; but, I’ll forgive him because I respect zeal and “I Need A Dollar” is my song of the moment and hence, I can’t hate its creator.

Aloe Blacc-“I Need a Dollar”


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