Not a festival, a Carniville!

Music festivals are by and large the best way to connect with your favorite band. The primary obstacle to most people enjoying a good old festival is an economic one, they’re usually half a bi-weekly paycheck or so. But, leave it to the beacon of liberalism in Texas to host a festival jam packed with meaningful artists, free! It’s the Austin Carniville! If you’re a legitimate hipster (for all that’s worth), and you’re into electro over indie rock, then this is your festival. The event will be headlined by Major Lazer, but heed the inclusion of the legendary Gza on the bill, they call that the token black guy syndrome. As for the rest of em, many of you may know of them, I sure don’t, but shit, it’s free. March 18th, 19th & 20th. Go RSVP.

Featured artists include:

Bosco Delray – Space Junky

Juiceboxxx – 100mph

The Very Best – Nsokoto (Franki Chan Remix)

Toxic Avenger – Toxic’s Dead


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