Bitch List

I know a good amount of female dogs and I really like–even love–most of them; it’s really too bad their breeding-name has become a synonym for an unpleasant person. Most individuals who get dubbed a “bitch” give female canines a bad name so maybe it’s time we downgraded the beast we compare bitches too? What do you call a female cockroach? Nobody likes them, right?
Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ve been in a significantly pessimistic mood lately, but I’ve been noticing a good amount of people with putrid etiquette. Apparently a third grader in Washington D.C. empathized with me and decided to construct a list of all of the bitches that were bothering them, which subsequently fell (two out of three pages to be exact) to the ground and found its way onto the internuts. Scope the full bitch list here.


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