Can Someone Put Uncle Murda On Please? Cot Damn!

One night in late 2008, Uncle Murda was shot in the head and hospitalized. He was discharged within 24 hours (bullet lodged in skull), and proceeded to call a publicly syndicated show to give an update on his recovery, explaining it wasn’t a big deal, and that he was using “Hennessey and Newports” to cope with the pain”. So I guess you could say, Uncle Murda is an unyielding man. Lyrically, Uncle Murda does not stray too far from his publicly acknowledged persona, for the most part spitting verses about guns, shooting guns, and getting shot by guns. But shit, I like that type of shit, and so do plenty of other hip hop heads, and in the case of Uncle Murda, it’s real talk, literally. For these reasons I don’t understand why Def Jam dropped him in the post-Jay era, or why another high-profile label hasn’t picked him up, G-Unit, where the fuck are you guys at? Maybe Fitty ran out of pens, I heard Yayo has been stealing from the supply cabinet and chopping pencils on West 23rd for a nickel a piece. Speaking of Yayo and Uncle Murda, this track dropped today.

Uncle Murda featuring Tony Yayo – Murder (Remix)

Uncle Murda’s gangsta is so raw that it becomes commercially satiable, much like Fitty when he dropped “How To Rob” in 2001. Though, his street persona does come across as so ghetto that it’s hard to gauge his sincerity, but when you see video’s like “Bullet, Bullet”,* there’s nothing to do but sit back and smile, this kid has jokes, and bars, and guns. Somebody throw him a bic and a contract.

* Check the Asian dancer chick in this video, she be straight bugging. Talk about taking yourself too seriously.


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