Gold Chain Military storm Sadam’s Mansion

Looks like San Francisco/The Bay hip-hop is on the proverbial rise. I recall when I was a wee teen, that the only name that I associated with San Francisco was Planet Asia, and Oakland, well that was E-40 country as far as I was concerned.  The stylistic disparity between the likes of Forty Water and Planet Asia left me confused and relatively unappreciative of Bay Area rap. Throw in the fact that apart from a Nickatina sighting here and there, I haven’t heard jack out of Nor Cal for a minute. (Ok, we did interview Hopie Spitshard two days ago). I recall Googling “Planet Asia” to take a look see at what I had been missing the past 5 years and stumbled across the Gold Chain Military. The group is more of a collective than a band it seems, bi-coastal at that, but Planet Asia seems to be the spearhead of the GCM movement. The fusion of styles in GCM is their defining quality, it comes across as unforced and the flow patterns don’t clash between the various emcee’s. I can officially say I’m paying attention to the Yay Area again.


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