ZIF Exclusive Interview: 10 Questions for Reason

Providence, Rhode Island emcee, Reason, from the rap collective, Poorly Drawn People has an LP coming out April 6th titled Landlords & Lullabies. The homey Falside made sure I knew what the deal was as far as marketing plans, I told him to give me an interview. Here it is, another talented cat from Providence, proving that just because Boondocks Saints 2 sucked, doesn’t mean we should give up on white boys from New England.

1. Reason eh? You’re the reason for something? What is it?

Ha. Not much. At this point I’m probably just another “reason” to piss off the other 500 rap kids who go by the same name. I like to think the people over at the Reason software company are just waiting for me to get famous so they can sue me for everything I don’t have…or the good folks at Reason magazine…or Reason clothing.

2. How long have you been rapping/wanted to be a rapper?

Much to my dismay I’ve been rapping for half of my life…maybe more. That’s not including my formative years in which I spent most of my time jacking other peoples rhymes and passing them off as my own. Although I still do that to this day, I’ve just gotten better at hiding it. I can’t recall the moment within that decade plus where I actually convinced myself that I wanted “to be a rapper” but it’s probably been about two years since I haven’t wanted to be one.

3. Talk to me about Poorly Drawn People, the name, the concept, the mission.

Poorly Drawn People is the family. Always has been always will be. For those who don’t but should know the crew consists of Storm Davis, Dox, Falside, Educated Consumers(Seez Mics and T.E.C.K) and myself…all of which fall under the umbrella of Poorly Drawn Recordings. Hey look, another indie rap label!!! The mission is to basically make music that we’re not really sure is good but at least have some fun while killing ourselves doing it. I think I speak for everyone when I say we just want to make some art, get really drunk in the process, maybe break a few hearts and possibly sell a few records in order to pay for the next one. As far as the name goes its more or less the best we could come up with when someone said “I guess we should make this thing legitimate”…

4. How important is it have like minded people like Falside around when you live in a some what parochial place like Providence?

No matter where you’re from you’re always going to gravitate towards people you can relate to, I just got lucky that all of those I have shit in common with are talented bastards and it’s refreshing to be around cats who do this for no other reason than the fact that its all they know and the goal is to simply create.

There is only a small handful of people around here who’s opinion and input I give a shit about and Falside happens to be one of them. All the heads I work with I consider my best friends, there’s no business arrangements here. They’ve all either slept on my couch, borrowed money from me or gave me advice about driving by an ex-girlfriends house at 4 am. The way I see it is if you can’t do this music shit with friends then you’re better off dead because it just won’t work. With that being said, Falside go fuck yourself.

5. Speaking of Falside, talk to us about production on the upcoming LP, all Fal, or a mix of cats?

I initially intended to spread out the production as much as possible but since Falside is the homey, a work horse and lives down the street from me he ended up producing half of the record. I also reached out to my mellow Phillip Drummond on the left coast to help me out with a few joints, dude is a beast. My man DRUMAT!C from Philly got down, of course Dox of Poorly Drawn contributed while Esh The Monolith and Justin Catoni both did their part in making me sound much cooler than I really am. I was a little worried at first about working with so many different producers but it worked out perfectly and they’re all probably happy to not have to hear from me as much.

6. Dream Cut? 3 emcees you NEED to be on a track with.

All the artists I can dream of doing tracks with would make me look stupid and I would probably have to quit so I’m gonna play it safe and say Bob Barker, Bill Cosby and Kid Cudi.

7. Landlords and Lullabies, an alliterative title. Is there some depth meaning-wise to the title?

Who has time for depth? Paying rent and making music have been the most consistent aspects of my life for the past few years so it just seemed appropriate. Making landlords richer and putting people to sleep with my music is what I do best.

8. Ok, one political question. Where do you stand on universal healthcare?

If Canada was the most powerful country in the world I wouldn’t be as scared to get out of bed every morning. Next question.

9. Where do you see indie rappers fitting in the rap game right now? Money making potential?

To be honest with you, I don’t pay much attention to the rap game or to the current state of Hip Hop but what I gather from others and from cars passing by my house is that it sucks. I listen to the same 5 or 6 rap albums all year round so I can’t lose. To put it simply, I don’t think there is anymore room left for an artist, especially indie, to fit into the rap game. The fans are rappers, the coaches are rappers, the mascots are rappers, the ball boys are rappers, the guys selling over priced merchandise are rappers. Hopefully the theory that everything is cyclical reigns true and the kids who decided to pick up another hobby fade away and provide a little more breathing room for some of the passionate and more devoted artists. As far as making money it all depends on what type of lifestyle an artist wants to live. There is definitely some potential for an independent musician to at least make his rent and maybe go to Whole Foods once a month if they’re smart. Shit, that’s my motivation. But if you’re looking to quit your job, cop an iphone and get a hair cut every 3 days then you should probably just stick to playing the lottery.

10. Finally, where do you see yourself in 3 years? Label? Indie? Major? Still making music?

I’ll be making music no matter what happens, it’s all I know and a few people have told me that I’m decent at it so why would I stop? Plus I’m still having fun doing it. As far as labels go, if somebody wants to offer me their money to continue doing what I’m doing I would probably stop to think about considering it but who knows. All that’s ever held us back is time and money so if we could somehow accumulate those aspects of this shitty business then hopefully a few more people will start to notice what we’re doing.


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