Kano Spitting that Kiefer Sutherland Flow

The way Kano has been hustling around lately, you’d think somebody told him he was falling off. On the contrary, his recent marketing efforts have paid off here in the U.S., it’s near impossible to escape a KA-NO reference in my personal blogosphere. He seems to have firmly secured the coveted position of the most marketable emcee outside of the United States. With his 4th studio album ‘Method to the Maadness’ coming out this summer, Kano wanted to assure that the hype continues, and left us a little present about a week ago on our proverbial doorstep. The Jack Bauer mixtape was recorded in 7 days and is a collection of mainstream beats, primarily from the U.S. rap game. Kano seems more than at home on these beats, and continues to make a strong case for a major U.S. record deal. Not sure how Jay hasn’t signed him to Roc Nation yet, but if somebody doesn’t, I’m going to get my savings together* and make a run at KA myself!

You Are Young

Track Burglar

Chip Roll, Sausage in Batter

* may involve knocking over a 7-11 and/or liquor store or two


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