Akon Messed With The Wrong Buddhists

Virtually hours ago, Akon was informed of his ban from entering Sri Lanka. Though there are a plethora of reasons one could take offense with the entity that is Akon, the sole reason for Akon’s ban in Sri Lanka stems from his music video with David Guetta titled “Sexy Bitch”. The video features a series of shots of scantily clad women having a grand ol’ time at a random swimming pool backyard spot here in L.A. Though the women are barely dressed, it is the inclusion of a statue of Buddha by the pool that has instigated this international incident. Put simply, the video has offended members of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese ethnic majority, which is mainly Buddhist. And in Sri Lanka, you don’t mess around with the Buddhist majority, for example, in 2004, a hand grenade attack killed two people and wounded 19 at a concert by Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood star, in Sri Lanka. The attack was blamed on Sinhalese nationalists who were offended that the concert was being staged on the first anniversary of the death of a renowned Buddhist monk.

Here’s a thought, Akon isn’t very Buddhist, and neither is the notion of banning him from a country for parochial reasons being passed off as religious piety. Scope the video and make the call, offensive act or overreaction?


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