Amazeballs: An Expose

If you have ever in your life heard the phrase “Amazeballs”, you’ve been reading Perez Hilton and you should feel extremely ashamed of yourself. Just kidding. However, you might be surprised where this term originated, and although Perez takes the credit its not a word he created. “Amazeballs” is the love child of West Hollywood’s two favorite hot messes, “Jessica and Hunter” who have been creating quite a buzz on Youtube with their hilarious impersonations of the real life celeb obsessed WeHo club rats. “Amazeballs” is the best way to describe their videos, as they are funny, crass and borderline offensive. Either way they totally deserve four minutes of your time. I bet money you will fall in “Lurrrrv” with them and want to be “BFF besties”, ready for your next guilty pleasure?


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