Assert your Blaccness

Alright, not to harp–I know I’ve derided How To Make it in America already–but the show really isn’t very good. Entourage is enjoyable because it feels like it’s being created by people whom are actually from the world which they’re portraying. HTMIIA just feels like some board-room execs leaped onto the street-wear bandwagon. Anyway, I don’t know how Aloe Blacc feels about the show, but whether or not he likes it, it’s in his best interest to remain mum and let HBO put food in his belly. But I have this theory; I think Aloe released this video as a way to assert himself and let people know that he isn’t just “that dude who sings the song from the show about hipsters trying to sell their ridiculous and overpriced jeans. ” To sum it up: dope song, crap show.


One thought on “Assert your Blaccness

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