A League Of Their Own

If there is one thing that I admire a lot, it is a trailblazer. When it comes to music, blazing a new path or genre if you will, can be extremely daunting, usually not recommended for those light of heart. Well guess what, Oakland doesn’t get light-hearted, and League 510 is from Oaktown, which makes them all kinds of ready to sell us their “new” sound. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Town Techno.

With winter out of the way,League510, consisting of emcees TK, Mr. Knowitall,Monty, and DJ Blacksmith, are excited to drop their latest single, “To The Beat,”to get people ready for a good time this summer. Emphasizing the group’s original Town Techno sound, “To The Beat” is the perfect soundtrack to your next party. The energetic synthesizer is contagiously satisfying; you’ll find yourself unable to forget the beat, while the song’s hook, “We’re movin’ and groovin’ to the beat,” sung by the group’s close friend and fellow artist, Mara Decoudrex, matches the beat’s catchiness perfectly.

League 510 – To The Beat

Meh, I could do without the Valley girl hook, but I like this move, Oakland Trail.


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