The Downfall of Gangster Worship. Fuck.

Kids are ditching the gangsta look for the skinny jeans and neon colors of jerkin’. And thanks to Ben J of the New Boyz crew and his cohorts, kids may also be throwing out worship of gangster culture in favor of entrepreneurship and business smarts. LA TIMES

Fuck fuck fuck. Here’s what’s wrong about ditching gangsterism and the glorification of the street corner hustler. EVERYTHING. The corner hustler embodies everything that defines the hood, and don’t get it twisted, these kids with 700 dollar brakeless bikes and flashy sunglasses and jeans that would suffocate Kate Moss are from the mother fucking hood. And what kind of shit-filled sense is being applied to the notion that one must abandon the “worship” of gangster culture for the sake of embracing entrepreneurship and business smarts? Is that a sick and twisted joke? Or am I the one smoking the crack here? The neighborhood hustla, or G, or pimp, or however you want to stigmatize it, IS the very essence of urban business and entrepreneurship. Who do you think initiated the market that is urban fashion? Gangsters. The paper chase? Gangsters. Elevating oneself from the disheveled community while keeping one foot in? Gangsters.

Jerkin may be working for them. But I’m a motherfucking G, and you should be too. Relatively baggy pants? Stand up, trap’s gone ham.


2 thoughts on “The Downfall of Gangster Worship. Fuck.

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