Track Review: Natstar – I Know

About a month ago Jake wrote that anyone who asks us to review their music will have their wish come true. Now that doesn’t mean we’ll say it’s the chronic and you should pay up for it, but we will give it a hit or two with an open mind and tell everyone what we think. In this case I got an e-mail from Universal Music Group/Fontana/Jatis Records/NV Ent (something tells me too many cooks will spoil the soup on this one) asking all DJ’s, writers, and industry insiders to push NatStar’s debut single, “I Know” off his upcoming album Change (totally unique, I know). I’ve never heard of NatStar before, but after doing some research I found out he’s a rapper/singer/producer from Charlotte North Carolina, who in the past has been able to produce for some artists that used to be big like Nappy Roots and Loon.

I Know

My thoughts on the track are that it’s average. The rhymes are a half step above most commercial rap meaning that they at least consistently rhyme, but the flow is stagnant and played out, especially in the commercial sector. If you’ve listened to rap at all over the past 5 years you’ve heard a plethora of choruses that are almost identical to this one. Also, I feel like NatStar’s voice could easily be mistaken for a bunch of other rappers. On the other hand, the beat hits, and actually has some commercial potential, but over all my feeling is why would I listen to this guy over the thousands of other spitters who are also doing everything they can to get heard. In my opinion, the self proclaimed king, didn’t hint at stand out potential with this track, which is key in an over saturated genre. Maybe I’m being harsh, but you tell me. Also if you like the beat, or are looking to remix the lyrics, we have the acapella and instrumental below. Show us what you did with it, and if it’s ill, we’ll probably post it.

I Know [Instrumental]

I Know [Acapella]


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