Saluting Guru

I think everyone expected it to happen, but despite “Guru’s” good bye letter, DJ Premier couldn’t help himself from doing something in remembrance of his long time partner. I can tell you that I couldn’t be happier. The two have made so much amazing and influential music together, it’s only right that Premier gets to honor Guru. The mix is actually an MP3 of last friday’s episode of Premier’s Live at Headquarters radio show on Sirius radio, and it is really ill. While far from a “best of” mix, or a comprehensive retrospective of his career, the show features some great classic Guru material, a few unreleased sound bites, as well conversations with Premier himself, Guru’s nephew, the creator of Gang Star, Big Shug, and a 30 second call from ZIF’s favorite Bostonian, Singapore Kane. Well worth the listen, especially to gain some insight on the overall situation from somebody other than that bitch who refers to himself as Solar. I think it’s safe to say that when the vast majority of Guru’s fans think back over his catalogue and what it’s meant to them, very few, if any tracks involving Solar will come to mind. If you think I’m wrong, name me one memorable one. Fuck it, name me one quality one. Anyways, that’s why it’s great to hear Premier’s opinion, and the tracks that he wanted to play. Interestingly enough, only one coincides with a song I included on my Thank You Guru post.

DJ Premier – Guru Tribute Mix

On a related note, this is the second stream I’ve heard of DJ Premier’s Live at Headquarters radio show, and I must say it’s gotten me to wish I had Sirius radio so that I could catch it more frequently. I respect and look up to Premier so much in regards to music, from the beats he makes, to the samples he chooses to make those beats, to the vocal samples he scratches in his choruses, to the songs that he includes in his mixes, that it’s an incredible opportunity to hear him speak frankly and play music that enjoys on a regular basis. Luckily for everyone who feels the same way as I do, and doesn’t want to waste money on a bunch of other bullshit channels that they could give two fucks about, you can download each show at: Pretty legit if you ask me. Thank you Guru for a careers worth of priceless gems, and thank you Premier for continuing to be an undeniable shining star in this fickle and short-sighted genre/culture/community that we call Hip-Hop.


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