You Ever Wonder Where Starang Is?

Apparently the big homie Dru Ha and the Duck Down camp in general get a lot of inquires on the current status of reknown rapper Starang Wondah. I love it when businessmen in this industry take some time to reflect and put simply, write. Read Dru Ha’s piece, more than worth the 4 minutes.

Excerpt from the article:

Starang Wondah from OGC’s, Fab 5 and BCC has always been a fan favorite. I frequently get questions from the public about where he’s been and what he’s been up to. As few may know, Starang has been serving an 18-month prison sentence in upstate PA for illegal drug possession. So, more importantly than when he will be releasing new music is when he will be released. While I won’t dive into the specifics of his case, Starang maintains his innocence and looks forward to appealing the charges when he comes home in mid August. At his request, we’ve managed to keep the situation under the radar for sometime. However, as he’s nearing the end of his sentence he’s agreed to let everyone know he’s doing ok.

I’ve always liked Starang. Not only as an artist, with his witty word play, clever punch lines and easy going flow, but equally for his friendship. Over the years we’ve spent countless nights in the studio, at hotels, or on tour busses having intense Madden battles, talking sports and girls, cracking jokes and just hanging out. For that, I genuinely have missed him and despite where I was headed, I was looking forward to my visit.

Starang has a verse in Boot Camp Clik’s song “Here We Come” which candidly states “Dru Ha is my favorite White Boy…” While it’s a line he borrowed from 50 referencing EM, I’ve always felt the words were sincere from him. It never was black and white for Starang. He knows and accepts my background (suburbs of NY, White Plains) as I do his (Brownsville, Brooklyn). Aside from a visit to Rikers Island juvenile ward for a BCC jailhouse sponsored performance, my experience with jails and jail visits has been limited. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Read the rest of the article on the Duck Down site, here.


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