Old Scars for New Faces

When people do the whole “Top 5 rappers of all time” talk, there is pretty much crossover agreement for 3 or 4 of the cats. Think about it, Biggie, Pac, Jigga, maybe Nas, Rakim? Perhaps there may be some other stalwarts, the random Eminem and Busta Rhymes advocation’s. But, the one name that SHOULD enter every single one of those top 5 discussions is Scarface, yes, Scarface, the man who put Southern rap on the motherfucking map. From his early tenure with the Geto Boy’s and Rap-A-Lot acclaim, the early 90’s were the beginning of a great career for the proclaimed King of The South. Many of you may know him simply by his affiliation with other major artists, his post-humus collaboration with Tupac on “Smile” certainly attained mainstream success. Scarface is one of those emcee’s respected within the one demographic that really counts for these guys, other rappers. Whether it’s his gangsta or his ability to spit a genuine 16, Scarface is your proverbial “rappers favorite rapper”. Known for his diversity in features and his longevity in the game, it’s with no surprise and great pleasure that I present to you his newest project, Dopeman Music.

Scarface – Lyrical Assault Feat. Malice & Mr. Lo Key

Scarface – The Ghetto Report Feat. B. James & Monk Kaza

Scarface –  Hustle Game

Cop this project right here. Yeah, pay for it.


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