as I lie awake in some circumstance where circumcised and the un roam in docking paradise, it’s not pornographic, but kind of funny. The foamy mouth’s underlying wastebasket underpinnings resemble the wettest of dingleberries, combed out fresh in the morning by the fauna whom later touch your face, ever so gently squeezing out the aching three day old acne that squirts a mist of fine, mystifyingly blood-tinged, oily build up.

Ego tripping all the way down the stairs


I tink tink I tinkered too much with the television, now Chris Elliott won’t stop showing up, thanks AUTOMATOR AND PRINCE PAUL!

Chris Elliott as Jay Leno circa, who the fuck knows, but ages ago, when prosthetic chins were expensive. (nowadays, Seinfeld’s on TV again)


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