Random Artist Prediction: Briana ‘Bri’ Cornelius [Label Submitted]

What’s the recipe for success? Mix the powerful and passionate vocals of Beyonce, the trendsetting fashions of Rihanna and the creativity of Prince. Blend it well. Then add the dance moves of Ciara and the entertainment of Janet. Let it marinade for 16 years and what do you get? The hottest and most talented songstress to hit the airways since the new millennium rocked our world…Briana ‘Bri’ Cornelius. – Her Label

Man, only labels can vocalize those types of crude overstatements! We, among many music blogs are bombarded with music slash spam, and it gets quite daunting to peruse the material daily to be frank. However, once in a while when I stumble across a package of an artist that intrigues me enough to take a closer look, I feel awfully grateful to the labels and marketing firms, feels good to know that music and artists are still out there, waiting.

Which brings me to this post about a random assumption. This girl, Bri, is going to make it, you know, proverbially speaking. Here be some sonic proof.

Bri – Trippin

Yes, yes, I know. It’s not your cup of tea, well I would say the same, but frankly I’m getting back into female pop/R&B, it’s conducive to many wonderful activities. And no, I am not throwing some random support this girls way due to her last name being the same as my government name, though seeing “Cornelius” in her name did make my heart stop for a millisecond. In all seriousness, the Virginia vocalist is being backed by Grammy nominated production group, Team Music Group, whose  producers have worked with Destiny Child, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Notorious B.I.G, Ashanti, Mel B(SpiceGirls), Ruben Studdard and Black Street. Combine that with some intriguing aesthetics, and a voice that doesn’t make my pitbulls cringe, and we might have something here.

Someone bring me some Pinot Noir and crackers to accompany this fine Bri.


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