Planet Singapore

This track is hot off the press, I believe it was laid down early today, so big ups to Singapore himself on making sure I got this track to the ZIF’ites. I’m sure plenty of people will take this track to be a diss of sorts, or perhaps a tribute track for Guru, or perhaps both, but according to SK, that would be a mistake. Speaking with the spitter today, he expressed many vivid thoughts regarding the Guru passing and “drama” associated with it. But this track is clearly about something bigger, frankly, it’s not about the past, it’s about the now, and the present is Singapore Kane, the whole goddamn planet, sit back and accept it!

Singapore Kane – My Planet produced by Purpose


One thought on “Planet Singapore

  1. damn. singapore murders it. but i feel like the beat doesn’t really fit the song. it has a similar to vibe to “today was a good day,” imo.

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