Kano and Aidonia Get Wild. Grime, Jamaica Styles.

Recorded across 3 different capital cities – London, Berlin and Kingston – and mixed in New York, “Get Wild” sees Kano joined by Jamaican dancehall star Aidonia and maverick talent Wiley. Ripping it up back to back, the trio concoct a head-spinning whirlwind of rapid-fire lyrics. Berlin-based producer Boyz Noise, whose other recent credits include production for the new Kelis LP, crafts “Get Wild”’s compelling and boisterously banging beat.

Westwood dropped this track on on UK radio, and it’s quickly becoming an “it” track, most likely to get remixed to shit, and the Germans may actually hear it in 2010, you know, cuz they’re usually 18-24 months behind of anything hot. Aidonia is a dope artist, shout out to VP Records, getting their artists in.

Kano – “Get Wild” ft Aidonia & Wiley


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