Thugz n’ Criminalz

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, and even if you don’t “give a rip about Alabama,” Dale Peterson gets your attention here (“Listen up!”)  We can be certain that he is going to bite (shoot?) the head off any issue that comes his way, just the way they like their politicians down South.

This is the first political ad I can remember that so seamlessly incorporates a horse…and a gun!  I was a little disappointed the horse didn’t speak during the ad, as I half-expected him to do, but we do at least get a nice close up of his face.  The timing of the zoom-in on the horse’s face couldn’t be better, after Dale asks, “Who would support such a dummy?” we get the horse close-up as if to suggest only a horse would vote for his opponent…though the horse looks unimpressed and will definitely be voting Dale Peterson.

Love him or hate him, Dale Peterson is a straight G in this ad.  He’s not scared of “thugs and criminals,” flashing his gat in public, or calling people out for their unsavory Facebook activity. He gets my vote—for best political ad ever.


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