Trisomy 21 (Sampling is for girls pt. 1)

When I look at certain rappers, yes yes I do declare I’m seeing the modern face of medical textbook cases of people with serious mental and physical handicaps.
Here's an example of a producer, everyone's favorite Jake One
Jake One sporting wood at a baseball game (SafeCo Field?)
Former MF runningmate with everyone’s favorite DOOM, MF Grimm got shot and lost the usage of his legs. It’s my belief that Sesame Street is cursed. Although, fun fact, I heard that Morgan Freeman was responsible for Grimm getting on the show as a child.
Willie D
Understated genius, Willie D (props to J McCabe via facebook):

Well, to all those who are going to take divisive commentary on the humor value of the mentally and physically handicapped, I say, listen to the Outsiders and maybe we can all learn a thing or two.

A quick word on the UbuWeb 365 days project:
Shouldn’t all blogs aspire to be even half the website that these originators got at earlier in the 2000s? It’s all about content in this day of text ads on the side of your browser while your desktop displays a slideshow in the background, softcore may it be!

Jim Carrey is Neil Young (all canadians look the same thesis applies from South Park)!



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