Tink About Jamaica. Positive tings.

Hopefully most of you are aware of the current crisis plaguing the beautiful nation of Jamaica, most specifically it’s capitol, Kingston. If you aren’t, I encourage you to do some research regarding corruption, the Bruce Golding government, and throw in the Shower Posse Crew while you’re at it. It is a damn shame to see a country so close to ours in a state of emergency as a result of political corruption and social malaise. This recent uproar was spawned by an effort by U.S. Marshalls to arrest and extradite an infamous Jamaican drug kingpin by the name of Christopher “Dudus” Coke. Apparently there is a bunch of crooked ties between the Jamaican government and various drug lords in the country, a relationship that emphasizes the extent of corruption on the island. It’s been like WW3 down there for the past month, gunfights and blood, corruption and lies. I’m glad that this video by Protoje [above] is out, it provides perspective, though I suppose the news reports [below] does as well.

Babylon v. Bad Bwai’s = Armageddon?


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