Eminem, you all better now? [Album Listen-Along]

Massive album leak today. Eminem’s new LP, Recovery, got leaked to industry insiders, who fed their favorite bloggers, who fed the chirping blogger babies across the internuts. I won’t tell you where I fit in that food chain, but I don’t chirp, that’s fo sho. Let’s start listening though, for real. It’s Em.

Cold Wind Blows

Talkin To Myself featuring Kobe

On Fire

Well, I must say I’m already more into it than Relapse. Killer intro bars on On Fire, “yesterday my dog died/a hog tied a hoe tied a bow/so the next time you blog/try and spit a flow. FIRE!!!  If you’re still into it, click the jump, let’s do this shit together.

Won’t Back Down featuring Pink


Going through Changes

I’m upset. Tracks 3-6 = crud. That White Trash Party chorus? Wow, horrendai! Though, I do like the rhyme about throwing change at strippers, always daydreamed that ish. I refuse to comment on the Pink track. Going Through Changes is a track that I was expecting, a self reflection track, one that is bound to have a reference to Em’s growing distance from his daughters and reasons to cease. We’re going to start skipping a few tracks…


Ok, he rips the fuck out of this R&B track. Spitting that Mid-West rapid flow, mixed in with a story telling version of love that Eminem and Eminem alone can make appealing to the homies. Personal editor note, he sounds a lot like Machine Gun Kelly on this track, just saying.

No Love feat. Lil Wayne


These last two tracks resonate with me because I think Eminem has some crazy love issues, and frankly, I get that, I get that a lot. On to the next one.

Cinderella Man

25 To Life

Is that his daugther singing the hook? It’s horrid. But I like the synth space shit laced with the machine gun and lazer sounds, and Eminem is angry at that bitch(hip hop). Good track. That Cinderella track is whatever.

Almost Famous

Good track, Em just goes at it, chain saw references galore, ketchup spray, old school Shady.

You’re Never Over

Bonus Track

Bonus track is absurd. The track before sounds like it’s about to be filler, but fuck, Em brings it hard again at the end of this LP. I like this album I’m copping it.

So should you. Right here.

*tracks skipped; Not Afraid, So Bad, Love The Way You Lie


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