Cousin Fik – Bay Area 51

Two weeks ago, in an exclusive interview, we introduced y’all to Moe Green , one of The Bay Area’s Freshman 10. Yet he was only one half of the Vallejo natives to be included on the list. That other spot is occupied by Sic Wid It’s newest signee, and most exciting artist on the roster, Cousin Fik. Fik released his free project, No Gravity, a few months ago (download here), and since I copped it, I’ve probably given it more spins than any other 2010 Bay Area release. Just like my Don’t Forget The Swishers post, I feel like it’s a little too late to give No Gravity a full review, but you should know that this will set off car alarms and shake the foundations of your home from start to finish. The raps are on point too. Fik has much more creative punchlines than most Baydestrians, and a vast cultural knowledge that allows him to reference everything from old school WWF wrestlers to my favorite film of all time, City Of God. And while his flow is pretty straight forward, there’s a few times on the album when he will out of nowhere switch things up to an impressive double time, which I’d like to hear more from him.

This week Fik released his first video from No Gravity, for “Bay Area 51”.

The song is with out a doubt a slap, and Fik comes with an ultra clean delivery and adds some imagery, punchlines and a level of comfort and relaxation on the instrumental that is normally exhibited by MC’s with much more experience in the game. The video is pretty simple, but it matches the spacey and mysterious mood of the track well. Peep some cameos from E-40, B-Legit, Turf Talk (I don’t know wether to be happy or bummed that he’s still trying to be a factor), and the rest of the Sic Wid It crew.

If you want a few more examples of Fik’s skills and style before you take the plunge into downloading No Gravity, check out these:

DontTalk About Me (Produced by Pablo S)

This track has the double time I was talking about over a Timberland esque instrumental.

Knock Em Down Music (Ft. Ya Boy, Turf Talk, Cousin Fik)

This the illest of the 3 tracks that featured Fik off of E-40’s recent Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift.


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