Illmatic. Fashawn. Fa Sho.

One of last years breakthrough albums was Fashawn’s debut album with Exile, Boy Meets World. The album is explicity content rich, laced with some of Exile’s best beats in the past few years, it contended for album of the year in many hip hop minds. It will be a hard pressed effort for Fashawn to avoid the sophomore jinx syndrome that plagues so many new acts, which is why this Ode To Illmatic mixtape is genius. No matter what you think of this mixtape, you can’t judge an homage, it’s not civilized. Peep the first few tracks…


CA State Of Mind

Lifes A Bitch Feat Talib Kweli

Alas, no means a meaningful reinterpretation of fine art, but it is risk free and historically important.The rest of the mixtape/album is worth the bitrate and megabytes. Download it at XXL, respect to dem and Orisue for the sponsorship.


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