Great Song, Worthless Video: Kendrick Lamar’s “I Wanna Be Heard”

If you read my review of Kendrick Lamar’s FREE solo debut, The Kendrick Lamar EP (If you’ve been sleeping, peep game here), then you know how much I’m into his music. The album was a great introduction to who he is as a person as well as to his ridiculous talent as an MC. Flow, content, concepts, punch lines, delivery, etc… There’s really no essential quality that he lacks.

Recently he released his 4th video from the The Kendrick Lamar EP, for lyrically my favorite song on the project, “I Wanna Be Heard”. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t come close to matching the caliber of the track. For some reason it’s only of the first verse of the song which is really lame (even though it is the best of the 3). Additionally there isn’t really anything to the video which bums me out. I grew up in an era when music videos had concepts and were entertaining as shit. If you were doing nothing but rapping in different locations, at the very least the locations were cool to look at. Not on a messy bed and in a nondescript ally. Still I’m a big fan of his music and want to contribute to it getting heard by more and more people, so without thinking twice about it, I’d watch and post the video if it was of him just taking a dump or eating some cereal.

If you haven’t checked out the other, more interesting, videos from The Kendrick Lamar EP, here they are:

“Celebration/ P&P”:

“Jason Keaton & Uncle Bobby”:

“She Needs Me/ I Am”:


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