Lion, Remy Martin, and the King

What do you call the most expensive cognac of the world with a price of 7500 Euro, and only 786 bottles available? A bloody ripoff (go buy some Boones)! What do you call it when a U.S. rapper strikes a spokesman deal with an old school French liquor outfit? Now that’s gangsta! T.I. just informed the world that after a recent trip to France, he struck a deal with cognac kingpins Remy Martin. “I’m now the official endorser and global spokesman for Remy Martin cognac,” T.I. proudly spewed on the radio and labeled the experience as “mind blowing.”

Good for you T.I., that’s a good look. It’s ironic and funny considering the amount of empathy TIP must have for Remy Ma right now, but needless to say this is T.I. getting right back to his Jay-Z game, power moves.

In other T.I. news today, the album art for his upcoming album King, Uncaged was released. It features a lion, hence, we’re all about it. Peepage.


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