Trademark Da Sky Diver – Super Villain

I have to admit, I was later than most to get into Curren$y. Being affiliated with No Limit and/or Young Money probably disinterests me more than it excites me, so I never really felt an urgency to hear what he had to offer. Jordan, my homie from the ‘Sco, vouched for him a lot though, so I decided to give him a serious listen a few months ago. On the first spin I thought he was mumbling for an entire song so I turned it off.  The second time I gave him a chance, I began to follow what he said and I was light weight feeling it. By third listen his talent really broke through to me and I found myself immediately copping The Smokee Robinson mixtape with Don Cannon, and the How Fly tape with Wiz Khalifa (another MC I took an ambien nap on). I have now come around and strongly believe that Spitta deserves the name, no question. Still one thing that he and Khalifa do endlessly on just about every track is shout out their crews, FS Jets and Taylor Gang respectively, without really featuring them or letting the listeners know who they are. Although the majority of the members of both crews probably lack most of the talent that their front runners were blessed with, like every other rap crew in existence (Flipmode anybody?), after hearing FS Jets shouted out so many times I wanted to know who was actually in it!

Two days ago, I was pleased to have The Smoking Section answer a small portion of that question for me. Trademark Da Sky Diver is a member of FS Jets, and he just released a free mixtape entitled Super Villain (get it here). Now I literally know nothing about Trademark beyond his affiliation, but  after listening to this project, he’s all right with me. The way he delivers his syllables is very similar to Curren$y, as is his subject matter, but his voice has a much smoother quality to it. He chose a bunch of laid back instrumentals that fit his love of the good herb, and also give his project a very cohesive feel. Although for better or worse, I must say that despite the title of the album and the cover artwork, there is nothing really villainous or comic book esque about the project. Still if you are a fan of Curren$y (if you’re not give him another chance, I’m still glad I did), I can’t imagine you disliking this in any way. He’s not as distinctive or creative as the captain of The Jets, and I can’t imagine him becoming a star, but if you’re looking for some cool, easy to listen to hip-hop, that won’t make your brain or your ears hurt, but still isn’t absurdly stupid, this is a good choice.

As always, if you want to hear a lil something before you decide whether or not to dive into downloading the tape, check out the video for “Oxygen”


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