Meek inherit the earth. Boosie Badazz gets executed.

I heard CNN talking about an execution recently, a man in Utah got capped by an actual firing squad. The thought that 4 men were enlisted to shoot another man and live with it, really stretches my tolerance level for U.S. style justice. The somber story about the execution and its parameters made me reassess my take on the current crisis in Lil Boosie’s life. Lil Boosie was one of the rap games secret bombshells, a rapper in the south, detached from suburbia crazed love for the Ludacris’s and Jeezy’s. Boosie was a little too hood, a little too off-putting, too real? I believe they call that trill. And yeah, he was too trill for TV. He was indicted for first degree murder by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury Thursday afternoon on a first-degree murder charge for his alleged involvement in a shooting incident in October that left one man dead. He faces the death penalty if convicted.

“F**k the D.A. and the lawyers/your racist ass is going to hell/You’ll probably be dead when I come out of jail ya old b**ch/ Your d**k can’t even get hard no more, b**ch you need to die/and the prosecutor’s gay/I see that from a mile away”

That’s a few lyrics from a track catching a lot of attention in the media recently, titled “Fuck Em’ All”. It appears to be a pretty direct attack track on the D.A. prosecuting Boosie’s case. Check it.

Lil Boosie – Fuck Em’ All

He’s an angry man, probably one who’s hurting from two decades of living a low-down life, sparsely sprinkled bling and coke money hardly denying the reality that is hood cultivated pain. He’s just a man, one who’s probably made more legal mistakes than society can handle, but let me say this, criminology is complex, life and death is not. Say a hail mary for all that Boosie has hurt, and say a whole shitload more for Boosie, he’s going to need it.


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