The West Coast Dilla

No, I’m not talking about Madlib. But by the way, what the fuck happened to him? I haven’t heard any music from The Bad Kid that really excited me since his shit with Talib, or his Indian Beat Konducta. Which is sad because he used to hold down the spot of my favorite producer. No question. Seems like all he does now is loop and chop samples without adding drums or bass or anything. I would say dude’s gotten even lazier than he used to be, if that’s possible. But I digress before I even start, so let’s end the Madlib bashing, and move to the real topic at hand.

Never have I heard someone channel the soul of J Dilla, during his life or after his death, as well as Dibiase. It’s eerily shocking. From the sample selection, to the filtering of the bass lines, to the drum sounds, to the swing of the drum patterns, and those ultra unorthodox but extremely dope times when the beat cuts out, a lot of Dibiase’s music could easily be passed off as a treasure trove of undiscovered tracks from Jay Dee. Now some may say that it’s biting, but I’m just gonna say thank you. Since Dilla’s death I’ve been looking for those bass heavy sampled instrumentals that just make you feel good, and Dibiase’s got them in masses.

This Watts based producer first grabbed my attention by producing a few tracks for U-N-I on their Fried Chicken and Watermelon mixtape. Out of those songs, the one that really stood out was “Beautiful Day” which remain’s one of only a handful of tracks that I can say I’m really feeling from U-N-I.

I then saw him demolish a producer named Jeh Free in a Phillip Drummond beat battle in Oakland.

Now finally, he recently won the LA regionals of the Red Bull Big Tunes Beat Battle.

While the above music is dope, it’s not 100% indicative of why I am donning Mr. Dibiase the West Coast Dilla. Instead you gotta listen to his beat CD’s. That’s when the parallels slapped me in the face. So that you can have the same experience as I did, I am providing links to download two of the tapes for free.

This first tape, simply titled Dibiase Beats (Get it here foo) is a combination of laid back head nodders like the opening cut “Genie In The Sky” and NES sampled bangers like the following of the Untitled track.

Genie In The Sky


Return Of The Sludge (Available here) is a beat showcase Dibiase did for BTS radio, and since it’s one 40 minute mp3 with no track names given, I’m just gonna give you the link and strongly suggest that you roll something up and knock this shit at really high volume.

After listening to these beat CD’s, anything with Dibiase’s name on it will be something I’m guaranteed to cop. I just hope that he soon starts to work with LA’s finest young MC’s. Anyone from the Black Hippies (Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and Schoolboy Q), to Dom Kennedy, Mykestro, even Crooked would be really dope. Dibiase’s music is too good to lay in obscurity forever, so l’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a win, or at the very least high placement at the national leg of the Red Bull Big Tunes Beat Battle to give his coast to coast exposure a kick start.


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