Best of the 90’s: farts and Boogers

The lionization of 80’s cartoons was certainly one that I helped pedestal. Born in 1982, I welcomed t-shirts, bumper stickers and full DVD-collections of classics like Thundercats, He-Man and Transformers. However, as dope as the 80’s collection of animation was, it’s cool (slash somewhat daunting) that cartoons from the 90’s are now getting retro-shine. Stussy is about to drop this tee that pays homage to Ren and Stimpy. Ren and Stimpy–next to The Simpsons–was probably the most influential cartoon to come out of the decade; While shows like GI-Joe always ended their battles with didactic lessons in morality, R&S were content to fart, pick their noses…and fart some more. But the argument could be made that R&S made a statement all their own, though with a snarky and smart-ass tonality. The paradigm shift, as represented through cartoons, is indeed interesting to ponder on this Friday morning. Whatever. Pondering is boring; I think I’ll scope more Ren and Stimpy videos on Youtube.
Nab the tee here.


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