Mac Dre Memorial. Gunfire required.

There is a legendary name associated with West Coast gangsta rap, it even has the name “Dre” involved, forget the Doctor. His name was Mac Dre, and he may be the most genuine gangsta ever to spit bars, or genuine rapper to commit crimes, with Dre it was hard to identify the thin line. The man literally was featured in the popular TV series American Gangster, the episode aired on January 16, 2009, focusing on Mac Dre and his Romper Room ties. For those of you unaware of this true g, I recommend starting with researching Vallejo, yes, home of E-40 and other thizzlers. This past weekend, in his native Vallejo, there was a Mac Dre memorial planned for July 4th. Over 1,500 fans gathered at the North Vallejo Park late on Sunday night to mark what would have been Dre’s 40th birthday on Monday. Unfortunately, gunfire broke out, and police were quickly managing the scene. In an apparent case of police trigger happiness, they were “forced to open fire” on a fleeing shooter, leaving 1 hospitalized. Just another day in Cali…


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