Citizens of Toronto

By now, you know I got my intellect on in Toronto, aka, a Bachelors in Criminology. By now, you should also know that I have an educated soft spot for T-Dot rappers. A decade ago, a group called Citizen Kane dropped an album titled Deliverance. The album was known as a complete gem, a very thorough hip hop album, with all the necessitation required, aka, an in-depth view at their lives punctuated with dope rhyme schemes. The saddening part was their evolution, or lack thereof, their sophomore effort was a little disparaging, it just lacked the proverbial umpf. After that, it was a swan dive into what I assumed was a career cessation. I was wrong. This new video got dropped this week, new material is being recorded. It’s like they took a hot tub 10 years into the future.

Click the cover of Deliverance for a nice free download, courtesy of Hip Hop Bootleggers (steady taking the heat off of me and other dope ass blogs).


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