If you can’t take the HEAT, get the hell…

So he can’t spell “makers” or “arson”, but Rsonist at one point and time was a major beat maker. The Heatmakerz were known for lacing a majority of Dipset’s beats during their hey day. Without a doubt, if you were into Camron, Juelz, and Jimmy you got down with some Heatmakerz. Rsonist is moving on to smaller and worse things, rapping specifically, and it’s colder than slush (not worthy of ice reference). This fact really shouldn’t surprise me, I haven’t looked at him the same since I saw that video of him “making a beat” on YouTube. Check it.

My homie Taka said this performance was nothing to write home about, frankly I felt foolish being impressed. Never again Rsonist! Your bars stink!


2 thoughts on “If you can’t take the HEAT, get the hell…

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