Ballin’ Chain: Lil Jon

WHAT! Do You Think About This Chain?

Given that the World Cup is a not-so-distant memory, it seems right to feature Lil Jon with his monstrosity of a chain set against the backdrop of his support for 2010 FIFA World Cup Runners-up the Netherlands.

Lil Jon has managed to make a name for himself despite having perhaps the most generic name I have ever heard (Jonathan Smith.)  He has also become synonymous with flamboyance and excess (and marketing savvy—have you had yourCrunk Juice lately?)  This chain is definitely excessive….it is actually the “Largest Diamond Pendant Ever” in the Guinness Book of World Records, if anybody reads that shit anymore.

I like a chain that makes a statement, and if brevity is indeed the soul of wit than this chain is a genius.  This chain is clearly a brilliant response to when the philosopher Nietzsche famously declared, “Crunk is dead.”  (The possibility of Lil Jon talking to a philosopher is a damn entertaining mental image, no doubt.  He would likely frustrate the deepest of thinkers with his mostly-three-word-vocabulary…hilariously immortalized on The Chappelle Show here )

Lil Jon, from ZIF, I salute you, for being sought-after to yell on other artists tracks (just playing, you can obviously produce as well, I must say if Freak-A-Leak were the only song you ever produced, I would still be a huge fan.)

Does Crunk still live though?  Lil Jon actually auctioned this chain off for charity a while ago, in a multi-rapper bling auction, you can peep the whitest article ever written about hip-hop here at the Washington Post, which begs the question: when Lil Jon sold his “Crunk Ain’t Dead” chain, was that officially the death of crunk?

Ponder that while you sip on a glass of Merlot from Little Jonathan Winery, just remember to let that shit breathe for a few to let the flavors come out…OKAY!


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