ZIF Video Of The Week: Busy Signal

First of all, to my writers and readers, I apologize for a relatively slow week on ZIF, I’ve been working like James Brown. However, I must say that we did have some actionable items go up, new Ballin Chain feature from Doogz, and a new writer, Oliver Smiff, with his concert review of Die Antwoord in Toronto this past week. Hell, even little Yvettita gave us a look at what’s playing on her IPOD recently. So, maybe  I shouldn’t apologize, we stay busy.

As for this video, it’s from Busy Signal, a VP Records stalwart, and fusion artist on the rise. His new album D.O.B. is wonderfully eclectic and diverse, with almost every track drastically different from the last. Overall, one of the better albums to come out on VP Records this year, by far. Though this track is not my favorite on the album (that would be Hi-Grade), I like the video, simple but deliverable. Oh yeah, and is it just me, or do they shout out Lionstarr in the beginning of the track?


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