Fantastic 4?

Usually when I see the term “Rap Supergroup” my first thought is that the gas-tanks that propel certain rappers’ careers are running low and hence they’ve decided to pool all of their remaining gasoline and see if it’s enough to get them into the next town of people giving an eff. However, Bun B. confirmed that he, Freddie Gibbs Chuck Inglish and Chip tha Ripper are going to be linking minds. This is a little different. Each of these dudes still has a good amount of fire to offer on their own: Bun B. remains one of the most technically sound rappers of all time. Freddie Gibbs is on the man-possessed-I’m-going-to-drop-free-ish-with-reckless-abandon tip. Chip tha Ripper has some ridiculousl yet, efficient sexed out rhymes and Chuck, while we may think he’s tame because of his Cool Kids days, has been dropping chunky, synth powered beats all over that ass. And hence I think this squad is going to have some Wu-Tang-esque chambers.  But even Bun cringed at the term “Supergroup.”

Freddie Gibbs feat. Bun B. Chip tha Ripper & Chuck Inglish-“Oil Money”


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