Colorful Day


The color spectrum of rap this week. From Red to White. It’s simple, but the symbolism behind the color choices do have meaning. Take Jeezy’s attraction to everything white, traditionally white is a symbol of purity, cleanliness, and innocence. But in the hood, white equals crispy, clean, fresh to def. When you got brand new gear in white, you know it’s new, because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t look so damn clean. Not to mention the yayo analogy.


Ah, and then there was Red. We all know why The Game appreciates the communist shade, it’s because blue is so gay, obviously!!! Game and his default DJ Skee dropped this little compilation, which I’m pretty sure was primarily featured on R.E.D Files already, so I don’t know what the hoopla is here. Here’s a couple personal recommendations:

Game – MIA (3 Heats – Lebron James, Bosh, Wade)

Game – Pushin It feat. T.I. and Robin Thicke

Cop the whole project for free right here.

So between the two, we got some Pink action. Where you at Cam’ron?


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