The Donut Shop > The Candy Shop [UPDATED]

I told you a few weeks ago about AG pillaging the Dilla shop and coming up with some juicy donuts that he dunked into some hot bars, compiled the Dunkin Donuts mixtape. I’m hopeful that the post-humus career of J Dilla is managed significantly better tha 2 Pac’s. The problem with Pac is that he definitely would have nixed half the shit that has been “released” since his untimely passing. Fortunately the past few Dilla efforts have showcased some of his sweetest beats, worthy of any pastry analogy. Gobble it up here.

Safety Dance


Bars & Twists

* note that these tracks were removed by someone in the sky, they also shut ZIF down for an hour. If you want this album, you can download it for free at Stones Throw Records, or you can get it from me. Either way, way too much hoopla….


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