Nothing Stoopid about taxing weed!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), a Washington DC-based marijuana advocacy group, has partnered with jam-based dub rock heavyweights Slightly Stoopid and hip-hop juggernauts Cypress Hill on the Legalize It 2010 tour for a YouTube based video contest to raise awareness for California’s Prop 19, the initiative to regulate and tax marijuana. The initiative will be on the California ballot November 2nd, 2010 and its passage would be a historic step forward in the fight to end marijuana prohibition and legalize marijuana nationwide..

The contest is pretty unique, and given the amount of Cypress Hill patrons zoning out on YouTube everyday, I believe that submissions will be plentiful. Fans will create 30-60 second videos of themselves answering the question, “What could California do with the revenue generated from taxing marijuana?” Participants are to upload their entries to YouTube with the tag “YesOnProp19.” The prizes are aptly chosen, lucky winners will receive a personal phone call from B-Real, a limited edition Slightly Stoopid vaporizer, a framed autographed tour poster, a free one-year membership to NORML, plus other random stoner goodies.

Read more about some research breaking down exactly how taxing weed can help California pick itself up by the collar and stand like a real state. If you’re down with Sensi like yours truly, there are a plethora of ways to help the government enable us to legally smoke our herb, once you have done some research about what makes sense to you, back that cause up, even if it’s not this one. Otherwise, you’re riding other stoner coattails, which isn’t bad in a vacuum, but the fact is, we need more troops on the ground per say, people down to make it their business to legalize the consumption of marijuana. 1000 ways to smoke weed legally, choose 1.


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