Jay-Z, a Memoir

Jay-Z collaborated with former The Source editor Dream Hampton on the book, which includes interviews with Jay-Z’s family and friends as well as the rapper, himself. Over its 336 pages, Decoded will trace Jay-Z’s life from his childhood in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects to his years as a teen drug dealer to becoming a hip-hop superstar.

This book has been finished for years, it was simply a matter of Jay-Z coming to terms with a lot of what was uncovered during the research stage of authoring this book. Apparently Jigga is ready to let the world know his story, personally. Click here to “read” more.


2 thoughts on “Jay-Z, a Memoir

  1. I think I am going to read that 300 page book Decoded in 1 stretch! Cant wait. Is there any way I can get a free copy? 😉 I thought Jay-zJournal.com was recently giving a few visitors a chance to win. Cant find it anymore!

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