ZIF Video Of The Week: Freddie Gibbs: Do Wrong Part 2

The primary component of a good music video is a good track. Like this Freddie Gibbs joint, clearly Decon Records didn’t shell out much dough for this shoot, to be frank, aesthetically this video is just asking to be ignored on YouTube. But this is a track off Str8 Killa, a street EP that Freddie just dropped, and that’s significant. See, the thing is, Freddie Gibbs is on an absolute tear, a climatic rise to stardom via a spitting streak that we haven’t seen out of the Midwest since….[cue crickets]. The Gary, Indiana, native, Los Angeles, California, transplant, has established himself as a blogger favorite and a hipster delicacy, he’s defining himself. So spare the criticism about the measly budget for the video, and focus on the fact that this kid is hitting home runs right now. Think of it like Albert Belle, another slugger out of the Midwest, would you dare pass judgement on his bat after he hit a home run? Or just enjoy the damn humdinger? Eeek, bad example.


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