Rock The Bells, lines, lines and more lines…

We just did a massive Lollapallooza write up and Yvettita has given her take on this past weekend’s Rock The Bells festivities in SoCal. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about how they spend their time, here’s a quick rundown on my thoughts from Rock The Bells 2010.

The Good

  1. The stage was centrally located with plenty of space to move pretty close to the acts.
  2. A Tribe Called Quest killed it! Q-Tip had a superior performance to his UCLA Jazz Reggae act, and Fife looks like he’d been practicing.
  3. Moment of the night for me was when Tribe brought out Busta Rhymes and Spliff Starr as surprise guests and proceeded to do a bunch of Violator tracks circa 1999.
  4. Wu-Tang was fully in attendance with ODB’s son holding it down as well. I have never seen the full collective and frankly it was an honor and a special moment for me to watch them perform “Enter The 36”
  5. Both Wu-Tang and Snoop strayed from their respective albums, which was all good, because we got to see WU perform “Triumph, Method Man perform “Da Rockwilder”, and Snoop put down some classic shit like “Next Episode” and “Murder Was The Case”.
  6. Hosing the crowd with water at key moments on account of unbearable San Bernardino heat.

The Bad

  1. The parking was overbooked and the lots were closed by the fire marshal, this forced many (including me) to find random, crazy, street parking.
  2. When entering the concert grounds, security confiscated cigarette packs (but no single smokes), lighters and bottles of WATER! (including Nalgene) from ticket holders.
  3. The indoor venue acted as a second stage, the airplane hanger-esque building was lacking sun, fun, and people. Bust.
  4. There was no grass, the entire outdoor venue is on asphalt, basically a huge parking lot. That prevented most (not all) from being able to lie, sit or give their legs a respite.
  5. The food vendors were limited and pricey. The Jamaican Jerk sauce was weak, and the lemonade was sour.
  6. We arrived at 4PM and they had already pushed a lot of artists on the stage. In just 4 hours we had missed Rakim, Slick Rick, DJ Premier, and a slew of young cats.

The Ugly

  1. There were lines to EVERYTHING.
  2. There was a line to enter.
  3. There was a line to get ID checked so you could wear a Heineken bracelet.
  4. There was line to buy “event cards” which were prepaid amounts to spend for food and drink.
  5. There were lines to get food and drink.
  6. The COLD WATER tent ran out of water. So did the bar.
  7. It was about 102 degrees for the majority of the day.
  8. LAURYN HILL. Man she sounded like Whitney, post -2009, just cracked out.


3 thoughts on “Rock The Bells, lines, lines and more lines…

  1. LMAO at “Fife looked like he’d been practicing” and “crack shivers.” However, I don’t recall a bunch of Violator tracks circa 1999 being performed. I remember Busta taking an hour long drive to San Bernardino to “Rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon” and then serve as Tribe’s hypeman. Am I wrong?

  2. For real, Busta didn’t do some Violator shit? I could have sworn one of those tracks was Violator material. That may be due to the fact that in my head that was the only logical connection between the two artists. Taka, chime in!!!

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