Wanna see Singapore? Go to Atlanta!

Having lived in Singapore I can tell you, it’s not worth a visit past 2 days, weekend trip? Yes. One week trip? Emphatic no! So don’t let that title get you in a spot I wouldn’t recommend, let me clarify my suggestion. If you haven’t heard of the A3C  Hip Hop Festival, don’t feel ignorant, I too was oblivious, as must be the nature and curse of Southern culture, it’s embedded in the secretive and parochial South. However, when I heard Singapore Kane is going to be down there promoting the militant movement, I took a gander, and was like, DAMN!!! This festival is going to pop off, riddled with young up and comers as well and the proverbial legends.

For those of you in the ATL area, be sure to check out ‘Kane. Here’s a recent chat he did with some UK cats.


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